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Everyone wants a Zoom call with you, right? Well, so do we. But, we refuse to waste your time. In just 15 minutes you’ll learn how Soapbox can help you create better training sessions in Zoom, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, Microsoft Teams or any other platform.

You’ll see how Soapbox can help you by:

  • Providing specific instructions for how to deliver virtual training 
  • Generating activities that work well on your platform (Zoom, Teams, etc.) you are using
  • Shortening your training design time by up to 75%!
  • Focusing your sessions with fresh activities that are tied directly to your objectives
  • Creating a Facilitator Guide for your session with ZERO extra work

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Frequently asked questions

Soapbox is an online tool that allows you to create virtual training sessions and face-to-face training presentations with accompanying materials (facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides, handout templates) in as little as 10 minutes. While Soapbox cannot predict your actual content, users report that it has gotten them 50%-80% of the way to their final training presentation, saving hours’ or even days’ worth of development time.

You enter the essential characteristics of your presentation, such as the amount of time for your presentation, the number of attendees, what online platform you’ll be using (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) or what type of seating for in-person training (small tables, classroom style, etc.), and what you want your training participants to do by the end of your presentation.  Soapbox instantly searches its library of thousands of activity variations to generate a sequence and flow of activities for your presentation.

You can choose to swap out any activity generated by Soapbox. Each activity comes with two to five alternatives that may better fit your presentation and/or the facilitator’s comfort level and will always fit the situation (for example, if you’re doing an online presentation and your platform doesn’t have breakout rooms, you won’t get breakout rooms in your activities). If you feel a presentation is at risk of activity fatigue from all of the activities generated by Soapbox, you can delete activities you find to be superfluous.

No. Soapbox is calibrated to generate a sequence and flow of activities with instructions specific to the variables you entered when you set up your presentation (duration, number of attendees, seating set-up, and learning outcomes) and plugs those activities into the Anchor → Content → Application formula. That’s the magic behind Soapbox and its ability to generate 50%-80% of your presentation within 5-10 minutes. Over the years, we have shared many of our activities through the Train Like a Champion blog. Once you try Soapbox we think you’ll see that the change in your work is more meaningful than accessing great activities.

Yes. You may try Soapbox for free for up to 14 days and the presentations you generate during that time are yours to keep.

Yes. This one-pager about the Value of Soapbox should help with the conversation about the value that Soapbox can bring to your organization.

What do Our Customers say?

"I really enjoy using Soapbox! Being “forced” to set outcomes at the beginning helped me to focus and get very clear about what I wanted to accomplish with the training."
Training Lead
Soapbox is great fun. It is very easy for those who don’t do instructional design regularly to jump in, get it done, and have a good adult learning experience.
Instructional Designer
I really appreciate the straightforward simplicity of Soapbox. It was intuitive and with just a short orientation to it, it worked 100% as advertised.
Talent Development Consultant
"I need Soapbox in my life!